• Drop Simulator

SERVER : Ergenekon x1

  • The query made with the information entered below is exactly the same as the drop operations that occur when you kill any mob.
  • Our drop rates are structured exactly according to usko 2006.
  • Example ;10% drop rate does not mean that there will be 10 items out of 100 mobs.
  • It is NOT at all to say that one of the 10 mobs you kill will spawn an item.
  • A separate drop operation is performed for each mob death and this operation is NEVER affected by previous or subsequent drops.
  • Each mob has 5 drop slots and they are NEVER affected by each other.
  • Each mob and each drop slot of this mob are processed separately.
  • This process is simply as follows;When the mob dies, this process is done 5 times separately.
  • Set a RISK number between 1 and 100, if this number is equal to or lower than the ratio percentage, a drop will occur, if it is high, no drop will occur.
  • So it doesn't matter if you don't buy pots from slots or if you're familiar with the admin.
  • The items dropped by the previous same mob have nothing to do with the next one.
  • The prices stated below are the npc sales price.