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    This new event was inspired by ancient Turkish culture.

    Law of War in Turks
    In Ancient Turkish History, Turkish War Law has been based on certain rules since the formation of the first Turkish tribes.In other words, a method of attacking the right and left randomly was not adopted, and some prerequisites had to be established for the state of war in which lives were taken and given.

    This tradition, which is not very well known, is just like Tariq bin Ziyad burning ships when he went to Spain.So much so that if a Turkish warrior is going to not return to a war, if he is running to a certain death, he breaks the sheath of his sword before or during the war to show this.Those who see it will understand that that sword will not be sheathed again, it is a baha, it will fight until it is martyred.

    In the event, the warriors who Break their Scabbard will fight to the death, and those who fight the most will be entitled to receive Prizes.

    45th of every hourminutes, during the previous 1 hour (For example, between 20: 45-21:45)
    * MILLER: One person from every 4 classes who killed the most different people (For example, killing the character named x 50 times does not mean anything, one character means 1 score.)
    * DEAD: One person from every 4 classes killed by the most different people (The difference is that the character killed by the character, for example, kills you 50 times does not mean anything, a character means 1 score.)

    First of all, the number score they get by killing or dying will be determined by ranking from higher to lower, then hourly rank scores from higher to lower, character creation dates back to the old.

    These people will win one of the items listed below by chance.

    Trinas Piece% 0.1
    Gold bar %0.2
    Exp bar %4.7
    Silvery Gem %5
    Red Gem %10
    Yellow Gem %10
    Blue Gem %15
    Green Gem %20
    Black Gem %35

    Winners will be announced via Notice and will receive their prizes from the Events menu.

    DEADER (Göktürkçe): The Killer
    ÖLÜG (Göktürkçe): Dead

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