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  • AmishaPateL

    Membership date 23.04.2020
    About purchasing KC.

    Our authorized KC sales www.oyunone.com site www.oyunone.It is maintained on the com / knightonline1 page.

    This site also buys GBs of users and sells GBs to other users.The game management does not provide any supplies to this site, except for KC and Premium, and all GBs sold on the site are provided by you, the players, by the method of sale to the site.During the sale and purchase of GB, the supply / demands of the players determine the whole market, and KO1 Management does not make any INTERVENTION, such as BASE / CEILING price COOT, to the relevant site.

    Bronze Premium = $ 32.50
    100 KC = 4.40 TL
    500 KC = 19,00 TL
    1000 KC = 37 TL
    3000 + 100 KC = 108.00 TL
    5000 + 500 KC = 173.00 TL

    In addition, the KC and Premium you get from the game with the Market / Trade method are used with the following steps.