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  • AmishaPateL

    Membership date 23.04.2020
    There is ONE TYPE premium on our server.

    It is also Bronze PREMIUM.

    You can buy Premium directly from the site, or you can buy Power Up Storeden for 900KC or by Trade / Market method from other players.

    20% Exp Increase.
    %20 DROP Increase Chances.(%1 DROP 1% with a probable item premium.It is 2.)
    Discount at 50% Rpr Price.
    50% bonus on item sales to NPC.
    20% bonus on exp missions
    Some event rewards are a bonus of 20-50% on Coins gains.
    Ability to use CZ Teleport Feature.(You can become TP in 5 seconds to slots of your own race on Cz.)
    When Server 1 has Max Capacity, it gives priority to login.

    There are no extra Scroll, Trina, Np Scroll etc add-ons besides Premium.

  • New Account

    Membership date 01.01.1970
    There is also dc premium, am I wrong in the game?

  • NerubiaN

    Ergenekon (new)
    Membership date 19.09.2022