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  • KingSD:c
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    For 1 hour from the moment the event starts

    Everyone who cashes pk points will be deemed to have participated in the event and 50% of this population will win a prize every minute.

    According to this population, the first x number of players to earn 1000 pk points will add one of the following rewards to their rewards on the events page.

    Trinas Piece% 0.1
    Silver bar %0.2
    Blue Treasure Chest %4.7
    Scroll of Attack %5
    HP Scroll 1500 %10
    Scroll of Armor 300 %10
    Green Treasure Chest %15
    Red Treasure Chest %20
    Speed-Up Potion %35

    The number of people to win can increase every minute, depending on the population of the players who score pk.
    These counts will be passed in the notice.
    The winners and their winners will also be notified.
    The exact times of the event can be listed during the event hours after the first trial.

    Now it's time to let go of those farm slots.As you know, pk points are given every 10 seconds according to the np change, so when you die, the one who kills and the one who kills will also get the atros riote hacker.Only half of those who do PK will win prizes, so you have to be quick.
    Have fun already.