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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    As you know, with KO1's Dlive integrated broadcaster system, you can open broadcasts instantly and earn KC. Go for details?p = forum_topic & topic_id = 13795 & t = ko1-live-publisher-system

    A new feature was added to this system recently.

    Live Broadcasters with 30 or more viewers will be given one of the following awards at the check-up to be carried out every hour.

    Trin Piece% 1
    Blue Treasure Chest &5
    Silvery Gem %5
    Green Treasure Chest %6
    Red Gem %6
    Yellow Gem %7
    Blue Gem %15
    Green Gem %20
    Black Gem %35

    The last beauty is this

    Along with 100KC for Live Broadcasters with 30 or more viewers, one of the above awards will be added to the dlive repository for the draw.The broadcaster will be able to reach more viewers by distributing these prizes by drawing.By reaching more viewers, he will be able to earn more KC.