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  • KingSD:c
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    Our Ötüken server has been serving since March 15, 2019, without shutting down, without resetting the db.
    Thousands of Private KO servers have been opened and closed since 2006.Order could not be found.Previously, people took refuge in these pvps from the difficulty of Usko.Later, due to the lack of talent and seriousness, private servers could not keep order.For this reason, PVP server players completely lost their trust in these servers and reduced their downtime on a server to an average of 1 month.

    They said that it will be closed anyway, our efforts will be erased, at least let's play on servers that do not require much effort, and enjoy it for a month is enough.

    They were quite right. Ta ki KO1 Mexpio sunucusunu db sıfırlamadan 4 yıl açık tutana kadar.Players who came to our Mexpio server with the prejudices of an ordinary pvp server, this time they put aside their distrust and started to go wherever the majority were.

    The main reason why private servers are closed today is that players go to a different server every week.Many of them started playing the game not for fun but to make money.

    They inflated the servers like balloons, distributing money or in-game items for advertising.

    Gelinen noktada şu an KO1 Ötüken , dünyanın en uzun süre kapanmadan db sıfırlanmadan devam eden Private Knight Online Sunucusu konumunda.However, players still follow the herd mentality and go to whichever new server has the most players every week.

    KO1 bütün bu gidişatın dışında yönetiliyor. Biz o tadından yenmeyen oyunu geri getirmek ve bütün KO sevdalılarının emeklerine sahip çıkmak için sıradışı bir yol izliyoruz.The character you unlock on this server will always be waiting for you.For example MPT76

    It is waiting for its owner, who opened it years ago, with a +8 two handed sword, which is older than all the pvp servers he has.

    If you want to have a char like this and have it waiting for you all the time, do not announce it and create one immediately.

  • _SoulTaker_

    Membership date 01.01.2021