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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    Our Ötüken server has been serving since March 15, 2019, without shutting down or resetting the db.
    Since 2006, thousands of Private KO servers have opened and closed.Some kind of order could not be achieved.Before, people used to take shelter in these pvps because of Usko's difficulty.Later, due to the lack of talent and seriousness, the private servers could not be in order.For this reason, pvp server players have completely lost their trust in these servers, reducing their downtime on a server to an average of 1 month.

    They said that it will shut down anyway, our efforts will be erased, let's play on servers that do not need to give much effort, it is enough if we enjoy 1 month.

    They were quite right.Until KO1 keeps the Mexpio server open for 4 years without resetting the db.Players who came to our Mexpio server with an ordinary pvp server bias, this time put aside the insecurity and the majority started to go almost there.

    Nowadays, the main reason private servers are shut down is that players go to another server every week.Many of them started playing the game not for fun but for money.

    They inflated servers that distributed money or in-game items for advertising.

    At this point, KO1 Ötüken is now the Private Knight Online Server in the world, which continues without resetting the db for the longest time.However, players still go to the new server with the highest number of players every week with the herd psychology.

    KO1 is ruled out of all this trend.We are following an extraordinary way to bring back that unbeatable game and take care of the efforts of all KO lovers.The character you open on this server will always be waiting for you.For example MPT76

    He is waiting for his owner, who opened him years ago, with a +8 two handed sword, which is older than all the pvp servers he has.

    If you want to have such a char to wait for you constantly, do not hesitate to create one immediately.