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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    As you know, those who throw pk in KO1 can get gb.PK Points are earned from zero to after every np change.You killed 14 NP arrived, you get 14 pk point

    You died, 50 pk gone, 50 pk point coming

    This is done to everyone who earns 5k or more Pk Points during the day.

    Pk Points are multiplied by 2000 every midnight and added to your Coins house.This is 2000 coins 10.We increased it to 000 coins.

    Accordingly, players who meet the conditions will be rewarded with 500k coins when they earn or lose 50 NP.

    Do both your PK and your weight.

    Remember, too, that premium increases earnings.

    Everyone knows that PK players earn much less than farmers in the Knight online community.In this way, we will continue to support our players who PK through events.Knight Online is not just farm, exp only, PK only money.Those who have fun in Knight Online should also be able to win.

    With the pk point system, you play games on a single server where the solo player can win something in the new player!

    We invite everyone to CZ Bowla.

  • ::Swanky::

    Membership date 12.02.2021
    I think those who need expe will participate more, even if you increase the exp rate when the head is wins in bdw, my humble opinion.

  • TheBlitzKAT1L

    Membership date 01.01.2021
    Those who have a Pkc point average of over 5k can only receive awards in my evenings. Can't we get it at 12 in the afternoon?

  • SeLiaKiZ

    Membership date 25.04.2021
    I think it makes sense