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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    The subject is actually long but I will try to keep it short and write it in a way that you can understand.

    As you know, our anti cheat system does not even exist in mgame, I have full confidence in the system.However, the negativities of some of your computers cause me to leave some vulnerabilities in the anti-cheat system.

    For example, this file


    There is a virus in this system file, you turn off the antivirus and crack the windows or you go to the comolokko servers and turn off the antivirus, your system gets dirty.

    Since you came to me and said "I can enter all pvp, I cannot enter KO1", I have given some tolerances to the system files.

    Taking advantage of this tolerance, some addicts have run the cheat eingine and shoot the video or something and "I will cheat even in ko1, matrixim I" aired 😂

    Friends especially read this sentence.All knightonline.Applications that interfere with exe are REGISTERED TO THE SYSTEM, if a cheat is running in ko1, know that it is because I did not look at it.Do not believe every coco.Then you will be the one who regrets.

    Because I ordered the system to allow some actions, don't ban, I will look and bans.

    Now I took the time to do these checks and saw a few cheat engine variants being used and banned the chars entered from the pc using them.So far everything is normal.

    Now these banned friends, forty lies full, don't cry, don't cry, I made you do not regret it, they will say so and take my time again.My request from you is that if you cannot take responsibility, DO NOT HAVE A CHEER M

    Even though it was warned that "Application usage has been reported to the management" by taking a video like that, tell the addicts who made a video that the system was working when they saw this warning, please tell them not to lie under the duvet that they cannot weigh 😀

    Now let's come to these addicts and those who fall for them

    To access this list, I just had to give the system a list of users using the application.I reward our friend who made me feel the need to access this list with 5k kc and draw your attention, now all system applications will be controlled one by one.Your information.

    I would like to thank our friend who owns the TurHaLL1 character for his feedback.My last word to those who try to cheat is "Just because dogs want it, horses don't die."

  • tuxOn

    Membership date 14.04.2021
    Seeing the summer of Master Süleyman and making a quick sanction on this subject, first of all, I was so glad that I was happy with your hands and efforts....When you are available, the mages that catch a character with lf skill like an archer suddenly accelerate from behind...Especially after eating the 5-time ice shot mana lhting shot combo of the archer from those mages, he is still FULLI would also ask you to review canda when you are free to continue doing atack....After all, knighyt is subject to 4 purposes to farm.stretch expHacking or being cut in pk is your game and you present these with the best of what I say.As a result, everyone, including me, is not tired of dying legally during the pk many times, but being killed by such illegal users is very boring by legal players...Thank you for your interest