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  • A zero is thrown from the coins About the new gb system in KO1
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  • KingSD:c
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    With the restart process to be held on Monday, May 10, the new coins system will be switched.

    In general, there will be no change, only a zero will be thrown from all coins related transactions.According to this ,

    A zero will be removed from the coins in the inventory and bank of all players, for example, the coins of a player with 100m above will be reduced to 10m.

    A zero will be removed from the prices of all items, for example, a gold bar purchased and sold at a price of 100m will be converted into a silver bar to be bought and sold at a price of 10m.2nd.650.The Blessed Upgrade Scroll (BUS) 265, traded at 000 coins.It will be traded from 00 coins.

    By throwing a zero from the coins drops from the mobs, 3k coins will now be dropped from a mob that previously dropped 30k coins.

    Transactions made with 500k coins during item upgrades will be 50k.

    In the same way, the item repair process will drop a zero, for example, the 10k rpr cost will be reduced to 1k.

    10 zeros will be removed from all coins obtained and expense from quests.For example, 500k will now be earned from a 5m earned mission.

    The cloak prices will be purchased from 100 meters in the same way. The cape will now be bought from 10 meters.The 10m cost on the first cloak mission delivery will be reduced to 1m.

    Given at first login and sKILLThe 3k coins used to open will be reduced to 300 coins.

    The expense for the purchase of Basic NP 1.5m coins will be reduced to 150k.

    Stat and SKILLBy removing a zero from the costs in resetting, the reset operation will be reduced from 30m to 3m, for example.

    As a result, the value of gb against real money has been increased 10 times, and the value of the efforts of anyone with the gb market, which increases without losing a single coin, will be made more pronounced.

  • Rivaldo

    Ergenekon (new)
    Membership date 20.01.2021
    actually nothing seems to change, but visually a lot will change.For example, the item, which is 999m in the market now, will be 99m.100 GB item can be put on the market :) it would be very fantastic.let's see what is going to happen

  • Regigigas

    Membership date 27.04.2021
    I don't know if I understood correctly, but if 1 zero is destroyed, the money to be taken to the bank is 210m, the value of the money will increase 210m, the value of the money will increase. The items will be in the market. A different system is apparently successful, of course, if I understand correctly, it will be taken over. Although the village that appears does not want a guide, it is not a usual situation heard for the first time on knightonline.

  • Regigigas

    Membership date 27.04.2021
    It is really a great system for ko, after thinking about the pennies in detail, but it should be at the beginning of this application, but it should be at the beginning of this application.It will benefit the user who has more GB in his hand and therefore the TL price of GB will increase very correct works projects but the time is very bad and therefore it is worrying for someone who can think.

  • KingSD:c
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    Inventory and bank gb limit will remain the same 21gb, market gb limit will remain the same 10gb, only a zero will be taken from existing coins, not limits.The savings of a person whose savings are 10GB, will decrease to 1GB at the end of the process.So there is no point in saving or not, the event is designed for the future.Coinsin purchasing power will be increased and coins will look good to dry eyes.Gb will be 10 times harder to contract automatically.And if we do activities and operations that will reduce the gb's flow pointer from plus to minus, the life of our servers will be prolonged.There is nothing to ask, a zero will be thrown from all your coins values, a zero will be thrown from all your coins costs, it's that simple.

  • Regigigas

    Membership date 27.04.2021
    If it is as you explained, the situation is perfect, of course, a great situation for sw, a situation that has been studied in detail, now when it is said that 0 will be dropped, it was the thought of leaving a 0 from everything that comes to mind.

  • JudgeThreeWorld:c

    Membership date 09.03.2022
    Finally someone figured it out.The game's own currency system was officially inadequate.You can keep a maximum of 42 GB, you can transfer a maximum of 30 GB at a time, but there are 100-200 GB items in the game.
    Now technically, it becomes possible to put INNe in 210 GB above 210 GB characters.
    Also, the money in the game seems more valuable to me.Even collecting 100K is a success.Congratulations.