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  • Vatan1St:t

    Membership date 26.03.2019
    Exp, drop, upgrade, haze, damage, item, in short, everything is the same as the version 1453 USKO in 2006, the only thing we lack is koxp!

    The year 2006 is the most glorious and favorite years of knight online, and of course, the years that every knight online player longs and longs for.
    As KnightOnline1, we are configuring our game servers completely according to usko 2006 in order to relieve the longing and longing of you, our valuable knight online players, and to keep that period alive today.

    sticking to the original
    2006 faith sKILLTblleri: Leg Cut, Scream skills are working with original success rates, Lightning field skills casting failed, archer skills drop hands, no job sKILLIt is active with its originality without any changes in its rate and checkers.

    Exp rates were adjusted according to the 2006 usko: by looking at the 2006 archives, it was set equal to 99%.

    Usko 2006 Raven Harpy Exp rate :
    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/ae37xzy] [img]
    [/ img] [/ url]
    (ref: Kingofknight)

    KnightOnline1 Raven Harpy Exp rate: [With 100% Exp event active, SS is taken.]
    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/ibmmj45] [img]
    [/ img] [/ url]
    DROP rates: by looking at the 2006 archives, it was set exactly equal to 99%.

    Item variety: Any weapons, armors, accessorys not in 2006 usko are not available on the server and will not be added.

    From this link, you can see where an item is dropped or what percentage of items from which mob, how many%:

    Upgrade rates: It was adjusted in its original form by looking at the 2006 archives.
    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/c1fska3] [img]
    [/ img] [/ url]

    Power up store: Any item that is not in 2006 usko is not available.
    All of the items found in the pus were added to the game exactly as the prices in 2006 usko.

    2006 faith:
    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/vo4j4qo] [img]
    [/ img] [/ url]
    KnightOnlin1 trina :


    Pricing of haze items: 2006 dollars, Turkish lira average exchange rate: 1.43 ₺, 2019 dollar Turkish lira average exchange rate: 5.Currency price of 32 ₺ and taking its general average 3.It was fixed at 375 ₺ and was offered for sale as a fixed exchange rate without any change in the 2006 usko haze prices.

    Power-Up Store:

  • _SoulTaker_

    Membership date 01.01.2021