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  • Vatan1St:t

    Membership date 26.03.2019
    We have never compromised from the original of the game in order to attract or retain players, we do not, we will not!

    We did not compromise on the 2006 usko motto that we always talk about, we said we will not. In 2006, the more exp a mob gives, the same expi is given in KO1, whatever armor, weapen and accesory are dropped in that period, they are also dropped in KO1 in the same way.

    Although the infrastructure of KO1 is completely in the 2006 usko setting, some add-ons and improvements have been provided to the player, some of them are:

    Exp Credit System:

    Even if the exp credit system is activated, the user who received exp credit in KO1 must earn the same amount of exp as "Zike" gained in 2006.

    Exp Bar Sistemi:

    Even though it is difficult, we can increase the number of KO1 users to 3. yılında kesintisiz hizmet etmeye devam etmektedir.

  • _SoulTaker_

    Membership date 01.01.2021