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  • Vatan1St:t

    Membership date 26.03.2019
    You can farm in a much more practical way.Moreover, you can also benefit from our free autobox system by setting up macros with autobox shortcut keys.

    I mentioned KnightOnline1's (KO1) menu system, and when I said it was the only server with its own software and development and no external dependencies, I was talking about these features.

    Before starting the Autobox System, select which mob to cut from the
    page, copy the codes of the items you want to collect which of the drops from that mob, and copy them as I specified in the "red-yellow-blue and purple box in the picture below. You just paste these items into the collect box in the menu auto loot settings, as you can see in the picture, and you tick the box to the left of the only collect these items text, and it is ready to use.

    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/chlfh0u] [img]
    [/ img] [/ url]

    Auto box forum topic:

  • _SoulTaker_

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