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  • Vatan1St:t

    Membership date 26.03.2019
    There are no items in PUS other than the 2006 USKO.Even the USKO 2006 premiums don't exist.There is only one premium in KO1, that is Bronze Premium and it is tradable.

    I have mentioned KnightOnline1's Power-up Store (PUS) policy in my previous topics, and I will leave it below.

    Power up store: Any item that is not in the 2006 usko is not available in pus.
    All of the items in the haze have been added to the game with the exact prices of the 2006 usko.

    2006 faith:


    KnightOnlin1 trina :


    Pricing of haze items: 2006 dollar Turkish lira average exchange rate: 1.43 ₺, 2019 dollar Turkish lira average exchange rate: 5.32 ₺ and the exchange rate is 3 by taking the general average.It is fixed at 375 ₺ and is offered for sale as a fixed exchange rate without any change in the 2006 usko haze prices.

    Power-Up Store:

    What is Free2play™ What is Pay2Play™?

    one.Free2Play™: All players have absolutely FREE access to all current features of the game and future updates and expansion packs with no time limit.
    2nd.Pay2Play™: For die-hard fans who want to support Knight Online financially and are interested in improved gaming experience (e.g. higher hit rates, greater player abilities, access to special weapons and many other benefits), we offer variety.list of premium options.To view our premium packages, please visit our Power Up Store.

    If you look at KO1's haze items, you will already see that it is not related to Pay2Play™ at all, apart from these, you have a very high chance of earning KC when you actively pk in the game, broadcast live or participate in the advertising event.

  • CrossOver:t

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