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  • Vatan1St:t

    Membership date 26.03.2019
    You can farm comfortably.Very soon, we will offer the opportunity to farm to our busy and busy players with the offline feature.

    I mentioned KnightOnline1's (KO1) menu system, and when I said it was the only server with its own software and development and no external dependencies, I was talking about these features.

    Original 1453 databaseDue to the fact that KO1e is not a genie, the server Admin has brought its own software "smart macro", which is its own software.

    Video explanation:

    NOTE: I would like to make an explanation for the players who say how can it not be in KO1 when there is genie in the servers offered to the players as 1098, 1453, version on the market, since these servers are not the original 1098 or 1453 versions, they are released as if they were the version they changed the in-game visuals by dressing the current usko version, They include innovations after version 1534, such as archive, rebirt, pathos gloves, Kanat, walkry.