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    Another unique feature of KO1 is PK Point.You earn PK Points for every np change.At the end of the day, if these points exceed 150, each pk point will be added to your account as 100k coins.

    KnightOnline1in kendine has etkinliklerinden bahsetmiştim daha önce bu etkinlik de onlardan bir tanesi özetleyecek olursam gelen/giden NATIONAL You earn PK points as much as points, these PK points are listed separately as monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and event in the PK Point tab in the menu, daily PK Point 5 for PKC event.000 ve üzerinde ise her PK point 1.23, multiplied by 000 coins.59da comes to the events tab as a reward.

    Sample PKC award: 5.000x1.000 = 5.000.000 coins

    [url = https: //www.hizliresim.com/nsamyzd] [img]
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