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  • KO1 About informing our live broadcasters
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  • AslanAKBEY
    Membership date 01.01.2023
    Friends, we are preparing for serious changes in the live broadcast system, as the first step, we aim to gather all our publisher friends on a single platform and to be in constant dialogue with them.If I talk about our purpose briefly, we aim to gather all ko1 publishers under one roof with a special role over discord, instead of penalizing, we aim to make the necessary directives from there and improve their broadcasts. We will aim at continuous improvement in your continuous communication and publications with my notifications, in short, I am reporting what needs to be done now.
    -You have to notify your membership at KO1 DISCORD address to Ko1 moderators and get a Role definition.
    -Friends who do not have the definition of KO1 ROLE will be warned at first, but will be banned until they take a direct role in the future.
    Our aim is to create a good environment where we can discuss topics such as better broadcasting, how to become a premium publisher, how to earn more income.