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  • We are giving away 200 TL FREEPUS to players who join us from outside of Türkiye.
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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    Dear Players,

    We continue to take steps to further strengthen you and enrich your experience in the world of KO1, which is a source of excitement for each of you.We are taking a big step to make you enjoy the game and to make our new friends feel the same excitement.

    We are aware that Turkish players make up the majority of KO1's big family, and this allows you to enjoy the game experience in the most enjoyable way, especially in the evening hours adjusted according to the Turkish time zone.However, we believe that it is time to take a step so that our players from other geographies can experience this experience to the full.

    In order to enrich the experience of each of our players who come from outside Turkey and join us, to motivate them even more and to give them a warm "hello" to the world of KO1, we decided to give a FREEPUS worth 200 TL.With this special event, we are taking a step that will allow you to enjoy the game with our friends from different geographies.

    Only our players who enter our game for the first time and live outside of Turkey will be able to benefit from this event.Think about it, you can feel stronger than ever before by participating in this excitement, and you can explore the world of KO1 with your new friends.

    To get your 200 TL FREEPUS gift, after creating your character, write your character name and country to us from the "Support Requests" page under the My Account menu.Your entries will be checked and your reward will be added to your FREEPUS account within 24 hours at the latest.Link to submit a support

    We invite you to join our special event and make the fun-filled KO1 adventure even bigger.Remember, KO1 is not just a game, it's a big family!Let's sail together to new friendships and victories.

    We wish you pleasant games!

    KO1 Management

  • WarriorCR

    Membership date 01.09.2023
    Hello, how can I access the prize? I'm from Peru.Greetings