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  • KingSD
    Membership date 27.04.2018
    29.09.As of 2023, the Isiloon room will be closed and the CSW owner will send a message to the clan leader saying "Isiloon DROP"."event rewards" will begin to be given.3 DROP per daywill be given.This is designed to prevent clan members who have to go to the Isiloon room from being away from PK.In the future, with the 8 Kingdoms system, CSW increased the number of castles to 8 and each castle had a separate DROP system.and I plan to have siege conditions.I am planning changes that will change the CSW event, which is already very entertaining, from an event held on certain days and at certain times and increase politics and conflicts.Isiloon at 00:45 tonight will not rise.

  • _Vatan1St
    Membership date 28.02.2023

  • JackieEstacado

    Membership date 25.06.2023
    Valhalla loved this.😃